Solid Ground Classes

We believe that to grow as a believer you have to also grow in your knowledge of the Lord and the Scriptures.  We Provide classes in all kinds of areas ranging from answering elementary questions to the questions of the ages.

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Courses are as follows:

Basics of the Faith

This course seeks to instruct on the early parts of being a Christian.  It answers questions such as, “How do I know I am saved?”, “Can I trust in my salvation?” and “Who is God?  Who is Jesus?”


Intermediate Faith Builder

This course is focused on building up the believer.  It is for those who have walked with Jesus for a few years.  We focus on questions such as, “How do I grow?”, “How do I engage the world?” and “What is my purpose?”


Advanced Theology

This course focuses on advanced theological concepts.  The prerequisites are the Basics of the Faith course and the Intermediate Faith Builder course.  It focuses on telling the difference between orthodox Christianity and heresies, questions that have resulted in differences between denominations and how to maintain the unity of the Church in the midst of these questions.


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